• Custom Mobile Friendly Website
  • Made to capture Leads
  • Resource to share and backlink the client’s craft shows
  • Custom CSS / PHP
  • Mobile Friendly re-design
  • Transferred Client to new Host
  • Added Custom eCommerce options
  • Custom Analytics
  • Custom Photo Editing
  • Custom CSS


Web Design

  • Redesigned website to be mobile friendly
  • Added Custom Analytics
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Integrated Blog posts from old site to new site
  • Transferred and secured Domain
  • Custom CSS

DB Gear

Video Production / eCommerce Web Design

In March 2018, DB Gear attended the Arnold Classic which has an attendance of 60,000 people per day. The whole time at his booth he played the video we teamed up and made for people walking by! He said it was a great resource to have. Over the three days he was there, people stopped to watch the whole video while he was busy at the booth! 

We also updated his shopify store to be more appealing to customers that may have looked at his store while at the Arnold Classic. By including a subscribe button and some information about his belts on his homepage, it became more user friendly and useful as a marketing tool. There was also only one product on the homepage. We updated that to have all categories so customers can browse the items they want with ease.

Burger Bar

Web Design

  • Redesigned site to be multiple pages
  • Added Custom Analytics
  • Custom Facebook Posts
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Updated essential contact information
  • Call to action for the purchase of gift cards


Facebook Content

A lifters playground! From heavy weights to monkey bars, Lift VT has it all. I personally work out at lift and I recommend it everyone I know. I am often recording in their gym and we put together this project that ended up on social media. It had outstanding engagement and we are collaborating on making more video work soon!

KatMac Academy

Personal Trainer Leads / Cinematography

For this project Kathy wanted a simple video to explain her new fitness academy on social media. She was looking for a way to explain what her goals are as she recruits new potential clients to train. We made two versions for the different gyms she works at! Kathy now has a resource to use every time she needs new clients! 


Shopify / Ecommerce Web Design

  • Top to bottom Shopify website
  • Logo creation and sales funnel
  • Instagram and FaceBook pages
  • Custom #hashtag #InvertiBall is being used
  • Facebook Ads

Kenneth Alderman Photography

Photography Website / eCommerce Web Design

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Sew Curvy Clothing

Logo Design

Handmade Vermont clothing coming soon.

Custom Social Media Transitions for your video