Our Services

Photography and Cinematography

Tired of only engaging the same people over and over again with your content? Try professional styled photography and cinematography to enhance your customers overall online experience. Brand Awareness Media customers see on average, 400-500% increased engagement from our productions. From adding text and hashtags to pictures, doing a product photoshoot or making a new video resource for your company, we promise to deliver! Our videos are optimized to be High-Quality on all social media accounts as well as YouTube and other video players. We mostly record in 24/fps to give it the classic cinematic feel that consumers love but crank it up to 60/fps for slow-motion shots. We know you love your brand, so lets build up the awareness you need!

The next few ideas are great photoshoots to increase your websites professionalism or company social media accounts: 1) New product images 2) Business head shots 3) Pictures of your work environment 4) Employees working 5) Event pictures and more! I have personally been doing photography for the past 5 years and I am not limited to photography for business. We do personal photoshoots, animal, car, home and newborn photography as well!

Cinematography Ideas: 1) Production process 2) 1 Minute videos for Instagram/Facebook (VERY HIGH ENGAGEMENT) 3) Video about your service 4) Company walk through 5) Mini-Documentary 6) Modeling Video 7) Car Video

Social Media Management

Looking to free up more time for your business? You’re good at running your company for a reason, so let us take care of what we’re good at while you get back to what you need to do! Brand Awareness Media is a full service social media management company who will build your account from start to finish. We optimize your social media accounts to be the most effective when seen by your customers to raise brand awareness organically. If you are not using a business Facebook / Instagram page, Google Page, Pinterest etc. we’ll build them for you!

We work with you to find the goals of your social media accounts. We provide our clients with 4-30 posts a month depending on the management you need. Each post is researched thoroughly and checked before posted on your account. If you work with us, you don’t lose control of your account! You will be able to post additional content at any time you’d like.

Want us to design a marketing campaign for your content? We do that too! We implement custom brand awareness strategies to gain more followers, get more subscribers, increase engagement and overall sell more of your product or service! We can do this all organically, but most clients bundle this with our Social Engine Marketing (SEM) services for the most beneficial ROI.

Website / Graphic Design

We specialize in GoDaddy with WordPress, Shopify, SmugMug as well as custom HTML and CSS for the final finishing touches. We provide our clients a clean and appealing final site that is to your standard. This means easy to read, easy to access content throughout the whole site. We’ll get you a custom URL like, www.BrandAwarenessMedia.com, and be online safely in no time! To see more of what I studied at the University of Vermont, check out the About Us page of our site.

We optimize the websites we build to have proper analytics and meta details so you can grow organically through Search Engine Optomization. Have a GoDaddy, WordPress or Shopify that needs updating? We do consulting on websites too!

Graphic Design is a huge part of all of our services! From designing flyers, PowerPoints, making logos and customizing white or transparent backgrounds on product images, we can handle the job! Need new website or Facebook banners made for sales or the holidays? Want a custom image made to boost on Instagram? Inquire today to make your marking ideas into a resource you have at your disposal.

SEO Performance / SEM Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two complex algorithms, that are always changing, and will help your websites overall performance. We’ll help you create better posts, new Facebook ads and new video content. Depending on your goals, product or service and budget; SEO and SEM can have huge return on investments by generating 100’s of new leads and sales. 

Search Engine Optimization is a long process of building your websites reputation and building organic reach by ranking higher in Google or Facebook search results. To do this well optimize website and picture meta data, create backlinks, blog posts and more.

Search Engine Marketing on the other hand will contribute to your brands overall reach and engagement by paying for marketing of the content you create. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing or “Boosting a post”. We can make ads aimed specifically at your target market and know exactly how much you’re paying for each click to your website or contact page. Want us to help you build an audience? Contact us today for sales funnel help!