Our Vision

 We want the businesses we work with to have access to sales channels they may not have used before! By providing high quality web design and social media management, we our clients will be able to compete in today’s changing market. If you’re not online or using social media, you are missing an important marketing medium! We don’t want our customers to miss out on sales or potential new clients because they don’t have a legitimate online presence. YES, this is a real thing! If a customer cant find a phone number, website or social media page, they may pass right over your business! From small local businesses getting online for the first time, to increasing E-commerce store sales, increasing your online presence is our goal.

Kenny Alderman

Kenny's Story

Brand Awareness Media developed as the expansion of a personal photography company. As my photography projects and content grew, I noticed there was a need for my skills in local businesses. As a first generation University of Vermont Grossman School of Business Alumni, I’ve had a goal in mind to help local business succeed. As I worked towards receiving my degree in Entrepreneurship / Marketing and minoring in statistics (2016), I also took courses in website development. It was something I liked to do in my free time and helped me manage both of my parents small businesses all throughout college. Being able to develop websites, having studied business, and being on social media for over 10 years; my skill set allows me to connect with the business owners and explain what is going on in terms that can be understood. There is a huge disconnect between generations and the changing marketing techniques. I am looking forward to closing the gap!