SEO Performance / SEM Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two complex algorithms that are always changing, and will help your websites overall performance. We’ll help you create better posts, new Facebook ads and new video content. Depending on your goals, product or service and budget; SEO and SEM can have huge return on investments by generating 100’s of new leads and sales. 

Search Engine Optimization is a long process of building your websites reputation and building organic reach by ranking higher in Google or Facebook search results. To do this well optimize website and picture meta data, create backlinks, blog posts and more.

Search Engine Marketing on the other hand will contribute to your brands overall reach and engagement by paying for marketing of the content you create. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing or “Boosting a post”. We can make ads aimed specifically at your target market and know exactly how much you’re paying for each click to your website or contact page. Want us to help you build an audience? Contact us today for sales funnel help!

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